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June 12, 2023

Wanting to shake up your current hair colour but are worried it might not suit you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Here’s the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect hair colour  that not only matches your complexion but truly reflects your personality.

We believe that there's no 'one-size-fits-all' hair colour. Just like an artist's palette, your hair colour should be a unique blend that complements your natural features. We're here to guide you through a few factors to consider when choosing your perfect hair colour.

Understand Your Skin Tone

This is where it all begins. Your skin tone is the fundamental palette upon which we paint your ideal hair colour. Our skins are generally classified into warm, cool, or neutral undertones. Warm skin tones harmonise beautifully with gold, honey, and amber hues. For cool skin tones, it's all about ash blondes, platinum, and cool browns. If you're neutral, you're in for a treat, as almost any hair colour can suit you!

Your Eye Colour

Your eyes can be an open book to your perfect hair colour. For instance, those blessed with green eyes often find that red or auburn hair accentuates their eye colour, making them pop. Blue eyes, on the other hand, stand out with blonde or brown shades.

The Maintenance Factor

How much time and effort are you willing to devote to maintaining your new colour? If you're looking for a low-maintenance colour, consider opting for a shade close to your natural hair colour. On the flip side, if you're up for a bold change and the upkeep it requires, the world is your colourful oyster!

Your Personality

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, your hair colour should embody your personality. Hair colour can be a powerful tool in expressing who you are. If you're adventurous and love to make a statement, bold colours like blues, purples, and pinks could be your go-to. For those who prefer subtlety and elegance, natural shades may do the trick.

You may have your heart set on going a particular colour, so we’ve broken down the best shades to go for based on your skin tone.

Is Blonde My Colour?

Ah, the allure of blonde! If you've taken a shot at being a blonde and swore it off, perhaps you just didn't pick the right hue. Just remember, if you're naturally dark-haired, embarking on the journey to blondeness requires some effort and maintenance, and returning to the dark side may not always be a breeze.

Fair-skinned: You, particularly with your blue eyes, are on safe ground with blondes. Be mindful of your skin's undertones, though. If you're ultra-fair with cool undertones, choose warmer, honey-toned blondes to avoid looking drained. Don't forget to add depth with highlights!

Medium-skinned: Embrace the charm of honey and golden blondes, especially if your eyes are on the lighter side.

Olive-skinned: While going blonde may be challenging for the gorgeous olive-skinned among us, it's not impossible. Stick to caramel and rich blonde tones. If you're a blonde newbie, aim for a shade or two darker than your first inclination to dodge a washed-out look.

Dark-skinned: Make a bold statement with buttery and light caramel tones. Blonde can indeed be a head-turner for dark-skinned individuals.

How About Brunette?

Brunette brings an exciting array of shades that are accessible to all. The hair-friendly dyes are also a bonus.

Fair-skinned: Choose lighter brunette shades with a whisper of red. Going too dark might leave you looking pale. Or, consider the magic of balayage.

Medium-skinned: You have quite a bit of leeway. Aim for colours between rich caramel and cocoa. Too light a shade might leave you looking washed out.

Olive-skinned: You've got a home advantage here! From rich chocolates to caramelised toffee, the options are endless. Just remember to stay relatively close to your natural shade.

Dark-skinned: This is your stage! From rich espresso and beyond, brunette offers a playground of choices. However, remember going too light could be more of a statement than you might intend.

Is Red the Way to Go?

Red, often seen as the stuff of dreams and a daring move, can surprisingly be quite flexible.

Light-skinned: Aim for strawberry blonde with a hint of copper. Lighter is better unless you have green eyes - in that case, indulge in all the red you want!

Medium-skinned: You're the lucky ones who can pull off radiant, bright reds with flair.

Olive-skinned: You'll find your comfort zone in medium to deep auburn. Avoid purple undertones to maintain your natural charm.

Dark-skinned: Deep, seductive reds with a hint of chocolate are your best bet. Unless you're going for a radical look, steer clear of extremely bright reds.

Would Black Suit Me?

While black hair can often be thought of as monotonous, it's not about channelling your inner Morticia Addams! It can be a challenging colour to pull off, though, so do consult with a hair professional.

Light-skinned: Black hair and light skin are a challenging combo, unless you're gunning for a goth look. Instead, consider a dark brunette with honey highlights.

Medium-skinned: Even for you, black hair can be tricky. Choose a dark brunette with ashy undertones, but steer clear of mixing red with black.

Olive-skinned: You've got some wiggle room with black hair. Consider using various undertones, even blue, for added depth.

Dark-skinned: You can rock jet black shades like no other. For an opulent look, opt for reddish-blacks, and avoid blue undertones.

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