Waxing prep & aftercare in 11 easy steps

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June 12, 2023

Jetting off on holiday, preparing for a special occasion, or desiring that flawless, hair-free glow? Waxing is your secret weapon for achieving irresistibly smooth skin.

Here, we unveil your 12-step guide to acing waxing preparation and aftercare, to keep your skin feeling smooth, radiant, and confident for longer.

Waxing Preparation:

1. Allow Hair Growth: Ensure your hair is about 0.5 cm long - typically after 2-3 weeks of growth. This allows the wax to grip and remove the hair with ease and makes for a pain-free wax!

2. Exfoliate Your Skin: Banish any dead skin cells by gently exfoliating with a body scrub and mitt around 48 hours before your appointment. This clears your pores and readies any stubborn hairs for removal.

3. Freshen Up: On the day of your wax, make sure your skin is clean, freshly washed, and free of any oil or make-up. Remember, wax doesn’t stick well to oily skin.

4. Dry Your Skin: Dry your skin thoroughly using a clean towel. We recommend washing your waxing area about an hour before the treatment, ensuring that your skin is perfectly dry.

Post-Waxing Aftercare:

5. Soothe Your Skin: Apply Aloe Vera gel to the skin for a cool, soothing effect. Another great soother is a moisturiser with tea tree oil, like ESPA’s Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Body Lotion (£25 refillable pouch, espaskincare.com).

6. Avoid the Heat: Stay away from gyms, saunas, steam rooms, sunbeds, and UV exposure for at least 48 hours post-waxing. Heat can irritate the skin and cause redness and bumps.

7. Keep Cool: Opt for cool showers and avoid scrubbing or exfoliating the treated area for three days post-wax to let your skin settle.

8. Be Gentle: If you've waxed your underarms, avoid deodorants for 24 hours post-treatment. Use only mild, unscented soaps and shower gels until your pores fully close.

9. Exfoliate Again: About three days after your treatment, gently exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs.

10. Moisturise: Follow up exfoliation with a rich, nourishing moisturiser. We love the Decleor Post Hair Removal Cream, which soothes your skin, makes your waxing last longer, and prevents ingrown hairs.

11. Plan Your Next Session: Book your next treatment as part of your post-wax routine. Regular waxing sessions not only make the process less uncomfortable but also slow the rate of hair regrowth, keeping your skin smoother for longer.

Follow these easy tips and you'll have a waxing experience that leaves you feeling not just smooth and confident, but also luxuriously pampered.

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