8 best products for mobile beauty therapists

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Monday, November 28, 2022

If you want an insider’s perspective on which mobile beauty products are essential to professionals, then you need this guide. 

From the best type of light for a beauty therapist to carry to must-haves for massage therapists or spray tan specialists, these are the products our seasoned pros find indispensable. 

Here are 8 of the best products for mobile beauty therapists, hairdressers, nail technicians and more, straight from the kits of our professionals. 

1. Clip-on light

Sam N says that a clip on light is an absolute essential for her beauty kit. Invest in “a  really good lightweight clip on light”, she says, as it’s “great for lashes and nails”. She adds that once you have a portable light it “doesn’t matter where you set up”.

The bonus of having a clip-on light is that you can take it anywhere. Once you’ve clipped it into any available surface that’s suitable, you can see your way to getting the perfect finish when completing tasks that require clear vision. Such as painting intricate nail art designs or expertly tinting lashes and brows.

2. Head light

Another type of light can also be incredibly useful to any professional or amateur beauty therapist. Tara N swears by a head light, and recommends seeking out one with different settings so you can adjust the level of brightness. 

She says this is the “must-have product in my kit that 100% makes my life easier” and that it “saves me carrying any additional lights… and is portable and easy to use!” Again this is ideal for close-up tasks, such as those involving eyelashes, brows or nails. 

3. Mobile steriliser

Secret Spa beauty therapists also adore mobile sterilisers. This is the key to keeping everything clean when travelling between one client and the next. At home, you could use this before proceeding with a little TLC for peace of mind, especially if your household tends to share beauty products.

If you want one to use while on the go, look out for a portable steriliser that plugs into a car charger as well as a mains outlet.

4. Wheeled suitcase

“A really good suitcase on four wheels” is another must-have that professional beauty therapists cannot be without. Multi-directional spinner wheels make life on the go even simpler. A carry-on size should be about right. 

Think carefully about exactly what you want to carry when considering which case to buy. Would a range of inner compartments be useful, for example? How about straps to hold items in place? How much space do you need? Invest in the best case you can afford, and you may not need to buy one again for many years. 

5. Business cards

Never leave home without at least a small supply of business cards! Who knows where a conversation with a stranger might lead? They could be searching for a beauty therapist, nail technician or hairdresser right now.

A business card shows people that you’re professional, as well as listing useful contact details. Your name, phone number, email address and website (or social media page) if you have one should be included. 

A brief list of your services will also be very helpful to prospective clients. 

6. Massage table

If you deliver massages as part of your beauty services, then you cannot be without a decent massage table. Look for one that’s lightweight, and compact to carry, plus really simple to set up. You’ll also need one that’s long and wide enough for people of all shapes and sizes. 

Think about client comfort too. A hard surface can be made much softer when a fluffy towel is added, and you could also layer this on top of a cosy blanket. Consider hygiene too – any fabric that touches the body or face will of course need to be cleaned between clients. 

7. Small folding table

Another type of table that can be very useful indeed is a smaller folding one. This can be used to store items while you’re delivering treatments – such as pots of wax, hair products, face products, eyelash or eyebrow dyes or make-up. 

Keeping items close at hand makes life much easier, and is kinder to your body as you don’t need to keep bending down to retrieve items from your case. A small table also makes the ideal surface to set up for a manicure. 

Again, try to find one that’s ultra portable and lightweight, yet sturdy and safe to use.  

8. Pop-up tanning tent

If you’re a spray tan specialist, then you most definitely need to carry a pop-up tanning tent. No client wants fake tan all over their soft furnishings, carpet or walls. 

A pop-up tent is easiest as it’s a cinch to set up, saving you time that could be spent on visiting another paying customer. Make sure it’s big enough for clients of any weight or height to move around comfortably – the size of a shower cubicle is about right. 

Colour-wise, black is the best choice as excess product won’t show up so much. You may also want to find one with integral windows so you can see what you’re doing clearly. 

Getting mobile beauty insurance is so much of an essential that we’ve already dedicated an entire blog post guiding you through insurance for mobile beauty therapists.

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