How to become a celebrity hair stylist

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Monday, November 28, 2022

You’re bringing in clients, but you want to reach the next level: you want to know how to become a celebrity hair stylist. Fortunately, we’ve got a large number of therapists working with celebrities at Secret Spa and they’re happy to share their insider tips. 

Read on to get the best tips on working with celebrities as a hair stylist.

1. Provide an excellent service

All of our celebrity hair stylists said that providing an excellent service was central to how to become a celebrity hair stylist. 

Expert hair stylist Daisy M. said, “I’d say that becoming a successful celebrity stylist should be based on a lot of knowledge and experience in providing excellent service. The stylist needs to be calm, have a great personality, and work fast because celebrities are always busy and with tough schedules.”

“The stylist must be reliable, smart and skilled to give positive energy and make the customer feel comfortable. Working on photo shoots and TV shows is intense and could be stressful, but the stylist is the person holding the situation and making it easier for the customer.”

2. Do your homework

Rubi C. says, “I try to research a little about the clients so I have a good conversation starter with them and a great way to build rapport.”

It’s easy to feel awed with celebrity clients, but as with any client, it’s actually your job to put them at ease. Do a little research, but also take them as you find them. 

Listen to them and interact as you would with anyone who sits in front of you. As Polina P says, “Talk to them normally, as you would with any other client, without making them feel uncomfortable or overly admired.”

3. Vision and passion gets celebrity clients

Nicole V. told us, “I usually share my vision with them because they like to try new things most of the time. Be passionate… when you share your passion with someone everything else will fall into place. I’ve been in this industry for more than 10 years now and most of my celebrity clients refer me to their friends and people around them and that’s how I built my portfolio with celebrity clients.”

Passion and enthusiasm is contagious. It shows you are confident. In this industry, word of mouth is incredibly powerful, so your skills and your personality need to shine through with each and every client as you never know what door will open next. 

4. Punctuality is paramount

Punctuality is important with all clients, but it’s an absolute priority with celebrity clients and is a tip given by many of our Secret Spa celebrity hair stylists.

With celebrity clients, they are often working to strict schedules and you will need to be flexible to fit in with this but punctual when it comes down to it.

5. Have the best kit

As a professional hair stylist, you know the importance of having the best tools for the job. Often this is a behind-the-scenes thing that you just do to make your life easier and the finish better.

However, with a celebrity, chances are that you will be asked questions about what you are using and why. As Rubi C. says, “Ensure your kit is of good standard because they will ask what you’re using!” Polina P. says simply, “Use the best products.”

6. Consultations are key

Rubi C. also told us, “Consult with them frequently throughout the service to ensure you’re meeting their needs and achieve the desired look. Clients have important meetings and shows they need to make an appearance for, so they want to look their best!”

Check-ins with clients are always important but when your client is about to go public and might be photographed, it’s really important that you get the look just right for them. 

7. Start small and get the word out

Rubi C. went on to tell us, “I have built up a little celebrity client database by networking with other professionals in the industry. By taking smaller jobs it has enabled me to climb and now work with a few celebrities. Working backstage, doing a lot of volunteering on set and fashion shows has helped me gain confidence. Clients like you having this as part of your portfolio.”

8. Be discreet

Polina P. said to us, “Don’t talk about their job unless they bring up the subject.” With celebrities, they may need a level of discretion that goes above and beyond. 

Hopefully they’ll be happy to be used in your portfolio, but in terms of chat, take their lead. This isn’t an opportunity for you to get the goss!

9. Build your portfolio

Celebrities are usually very happy to be used in your portfolio and on social media – indeed they are often happier being tagged than private clients. Do check with them first, but if they are happy then use social platforms as a way to get the news out that you are a celebrity stylist. As Rubi C. says, “Make sure the client is happy with the final look. Post your work, tag them and also Secret Spa!”

As with all clients, it is essential to check the client is happy with the final look. It pays to listen and refine as a client is more likely to use you again, even if things weren’t spot on with the first effort.

10. Get the basics right

Lastly, all of our celebrity hair stylists talked about the importance of getting the basics right – from professional online bookings to excellent aftercare advice, being a celebrity hair stylist involves being a pro from start to finish. The basics of a professional hair styling service should be the foundation on which you build your celebrity service.

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