The latest nail trends for winter 2022 & spring 2023

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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The seasons change from brisk mornings and cosy evenings into spring showers and warmer days, bringing with them new and fabulous nail trends to get excited about. Gorgeous nails are an absolute staple all year round. 

We’ve rounded up the nail trends for winter 2022 and spring 2023 to inspire you to branch out from your normal manicure offerings. Discover the next gorgeous set you can create with some of our trending nails for the coming months.

Latest nail trends – winter 2022 and spring 2023

Here, Solo brings you four of the hottest nail trends to take into winter 2022 and spring 2023 to delight your clients.

1. Pops of gold

Whether you choose flecks of gold foil scattered across a nude nail or a sliver of gold lining the cuticle, gold accents are a staple in the 2022 nail trends. Coming into its own this winter, nails with pops of gold subtly bring the festive party vibe. 

Accenting gold across nails rather than a full set of gold nails means that your client’s outfit choices aren’t limited for fear of clashing colours. Bring on the festive party season and all the sparkles that their party outfits can handle! 

2. Chromes and foils

Foil nails have really made a resurgence this year to come back as a winter nail trend for 2022 – and we’re betting on the trend continuing into spring 2023. From bold emerald green foils for the festive vibe to iridescent and holographic foil nails that reflect the sunshine of spring, foil nails are a versatile option across the seasons. 

Chromes are always big, but more than ever during the festive season. What could pair better with a sparkly New Year’s Eve outfit than a silver chrome nail? 

3. Naturally chic and barely there

From one extreme to another, ‘barely there’ nails are fabulously minimalist, letting your client’s outfit and make-up do the talking. Perfect for everyday wear as well as for events, the ‘barely there’ manicure is simple, yet effective.

Coat the nails in a thin layer of nude polish and they’re good to go. A solid prediction for 2023 nail trends, naturally chic nails can be dressed up to the nines with an incredible outfit, or a sheer coating of glitter or shimmer polish. 

4. Beaming blues

It’s time to reinvent ‘feeling blue’ – blues are back in, and your clients are sure to feel marvellous with their blue manicure. For the festive months, opt for a royal blue with a touch of sparkle. In the warmer spring months, pastel blue shades will claim their place in the 2023 nail trends. 

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