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Success Story
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Thursday, February 29, 2024
When did you first start your independent business? 

I first started my business just before lockdown (typically!) about four and a half years ago. Before that, I was an estate agent for 10 years. I went into beauty just because I wanted to work for myself and it was an obvious option to me. I first trained in lashes and then went on to train in russian lashes, waxing, brow lamination and lash lift.

What booking software were you using before Solo to manage your bookings and why wasn’t it working for you?

I was using Fresha before I found Solo. I was just using their free version which was fine as a diary but I’d just taken on a new salon and I wanted something that offered me something more substantial in terms of the features.

How has Solo helped your business?

One of the main things Solo has done to help my business is manage my cancellations. I really like the fact that when my clients book their own appointments, they have to enter their card details and that’s worked really well for me. I’ve had a couple of no-shows and it’s allowed me to be able to charge my 50% cancellation fee which means I’m not wasting my time and money. Overall, it’s just helped to make my business look more professional.

How does Solo make you feel about your business?

It makes me feel more professional and more confident about my business. It makes me happy about the way I’m presenting my business through the website I have through Solo.

What does Solo allow you to do that you couldn't do before?

The website linked to Solo’s booking system is fantastic. I love how clients can now just go onto my website and book their own appointments and the ability to send text messages and emails to clients for reminders is really useful.

What would you say to other independent beauty professionals who are still using Fresha?

I would say to anyone using any other diary system to really look into switching to Solo. It is very good value for money and offers all the features you could ask for. Having the included website has been amazing for me and I would definitely recommend Solo to anyone.

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