Success Story: The Moments Studio London

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Tuesday, October 10, 2023
When did you first start your independent business?

I have been self-employed my whole adulthood and was lucky enough to explore different industries. Anything from working as a Food Stylist and a temp at a Car Dealership. I opened my studio in 2021 and it has been two amazing years of welcoming clients through it's doors and offering them my treatments.

What booking software were you using before Solo and why wasn’t it working for you?

Solo was the first booking system I tried and as soon as I did I knew I didn’t need to look any further. I used to turn away bookings because of the stress my unorganised booking system was causing me, let alone the amount of time it took me to go back and forward providing my availability to bookings that never even got confirmed. It was affecting my time management and my income in a negative way.

How has Solo helped your business?

It has freed up the time I used to spend checking peoples DM's and emails, booking them in, changing dates, rescheduling, cancelling (with no deposits), sending availability and asking for reviews. Now I can spend that time on up-skilling and just generally being less stressed about the admin side of things. I also love that everything is very straight forward and neatly stored in one easy to use app.

How does Solo make you feel about your business?

Light. It helps me to actually enjoy my business, my work and the process of everything that goes on behind the scenes.

What does Solo allow you to do that you couldn't do before?

It has freed up my time to to spend time on up-skilling. I now have the time to dedicate to other projects I had been postponing. I've been able to improve my studio, spend more time with my clients and even go back to school to study part time.

What would you say to other independent beauty professionals who are still using a paper diary?

You lose nothing by trying Solo out, but you might gain a lot from giving it a go. It is such an easy and straight forward software, but besides that the support from Solo team has been incredible. Any time I had a question or needed some guidance - it was there within an hour.

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