How can beauty therapists demonstrate social responsibility?

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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Social responsibility is how, as a business or sole trader, you help and look out for the people in the area you live in, the community around you and the wider world. The beauty industry is one that doesn’t always get it right when it comes to social responsibility – for example, the non-ethical production of cosmetics. Therefore as a beauty therapist, it’s perhaps even more important that you demonstrate social responsibility in your work.

Why is social responsibility important for beauty therapists?

Social responsibility makes sense for the greater good. However, there are also a number of reasons why social responsibility makes good sense for your beauty therapy business. 

Social responsibility allows you to stand apart from the crowd. Consumers – and as such users of your service – increasingly want to use businesses and individuals that take social responsibility seriously. They want to know that by choosing you, they are choosing a service with good ethics – and one that cares for their community and the planet.

Making a conscious decision to improve your social responsibility as a beauty therapist means that your business will be more favourably viewed. In short, it’s good for your business branding. In due course, as you expand, this can even help you attract and retain better staff.

So, now you know why social responsibility is important, how can beauty therapists demonstrate social responsibility in their business?

Ways to demonstrate social responsibility as a beauty therapist

The good news is that there are a variety of ways in which you as a beauty therapist can demonstrate social responsibility. At Solo by Secret Spa, these are some of our favourite ideas:

1. Choose cruelty-free and sustainable products

As a beauty therapist, you can make a sizeable impact by supporting brands that have excellent ethics producing both cruelty-free and sustainable products. For example, as a make-up artist, choosing to use vegan cosmetics rather than shimmery eyeshadows that use fish scales is just one option. 

When you come to replace a product, do a little research first and check that you are choosing an ethical and sustainable brand. It may take a bit more time and effort, and it may even cost a little more, but it will pay off in the long term with goodwill, loyalty and respect from clients.

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle and raise environmental awareness

As a beauty therapist, it will be nearly impossible to completely eliminate single-use plastics in the form of lotion and potion bottles from your practice. However, you can do your bit by always recycling plastics responsibly. Where possible, choose to wash and reuse, rather than dispose and replace, maybe making use of refill schemes. Fundamentally, think about ways in which you can reduce use of resources, for example water. 

Increase your awareness of your business’ impact on the environment and take steps to improve this. For example, if you travel a lot as a beauty therapist, consider carbon offset schemes.

3. Raise social consciousness and care for your community

As a beauty therapist, it’s vital that you are a visible and caring presence in your local community. This is your client-base and you need to show that the community matters to you. 

There are a number of different strategies you can employ to demonstrate social consciousness and care for your local community. For example, you could provide products, services, or vouchers for local school raffles and charity events. You could offer discounts for certain sections of your community, such as Blue Light card holders. In time you may be able to offer financial donations to local charities which align with your values. 

4. Clarity and openness

If you feel you need to hide something, then the chances are that it poses a challenge for social responsibility. Instead, act with transparency even if this involves sharing that you’re ‘not there yet’ but making improvements. It’s always best to be honest with your clients and audience as this fosters respect.

You can facilitate this by creating open and clear policies, processes and statements. For example, use your social media and website to communicate things such as your equal opportunities policy, charitable support policy or the due diligence process you use when choosing suppliers.

5. Practise equality and diversity everyday

As well as communicating about equality and diversity, it’s also important that this is acted out in practice both with your clients as well as anyone you employ or work with. Undertake training in equality and diversity, and consider how the beauty therapy services that you provide are open and accessible to all. 

It’s essential that you do not tolerate any direct or indirect discrimination within your service or business. 

6. Considered and outstanding hygiene and cleanliness

As a beauty therapist, you should have a clear health and safety policy, as well as clear and defined cleanliness and hygiene processes and practices. This assures your client base that you are taking their wellbeing seriously and consider how your business impacts your clients’ health. It’s always been important to consider cleanliness and hygiene in the beauty industry, but following the pandemic, this is even more important. 

Consider how you communicate your cleanliness and hygiene practices to your clients too. For example, do you make it easy for clients to request that you wear a mask if they want you to? Don’t assume that your clients know, but share information readily with them, both via your social channels and website, but also in pre-appointment information. 

Social responsibility should permeate through everything you do as a beauty therapist. Every decision and behaviour you make should consider how it impacts people and the planet around you. No one can get it right all the time, every time, but with social responsibility it’s also important that you acknowledge your mistakes and show how you learn from them to improve for the future. 

You should promote social responsibility throughout your practice, going well beyond any legal requirements. Knowing that it will benefit your business growth and reputation should spur you on.

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