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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Building a beautiful website that shows off your talents doesn’t have to be difficult – Solo makes the process simple and easy to do. Your website not only encapsulates your personal brand, but it also draws in potential clients, allowing them to view your previous work and book in for treatments. 

Solo is an all-in-one solution for managing your independent beauty business, replacing the need to use multiple apps to manage your business. Find out how to build your website on Solo with this quick guide. 

1. Create your booking website

The first step to having a fully fledged website for your business is to create the actual booking website. Before you can add the sparkle of social channels, reviews and a lookbook to your site, you need to get the basics right. 

1.1. Claim your website URL

In order to create your booking website, you will need to choose a website URL for your business that suits your brand. 

To claim your booking website URL:

  • Click on settings in the bottom right hand corner of your Solo app, then booking website.
  • Choose a URL for your booking website. Your website URL will be We recommend using your business name to make your website recognisable and memorable to your clients.

1.2. Customise your theme & images

After you’ve claimed your website URL, it’s time to add your own flare to the site. You can customise the theme, colours and images of your website to fit with your personal brand.

  • Click on settings then theme & images and choose a colour theme for your booking website that fits with your brand.
  • Upload a banner image for your business to be displayed at the top of your website. Your banner image will need to be landscape, and you can crop it within your Solo app to get the correct positioning on your site.
  • Upload a logo for your business to be displayed on your booking website and in booking emails. It will need to be a square image as this will be displayed in a square or a circle.

1.3. Set your business details

Potential clients that click on your website need to know who you are! It’s time to set your business details on your booking site. 

  • Choose a business name and a short description for your website to let customers know a little more about you and your business. In your description, you can mention the treatments you offer and where you are based. Both of these will be displayed on your booking site.

2. Choose when & where you receive bookings for

It’s important to set when you want to work and where you want to work from to make sure customers don’t book outside your preferred hours. 

2.1. Set your booking locations and travel time

At Solo, we know that some beauty therapists prefer to work from a salon, some prefer mobile treatments, and some like to offer both. Easily update your preferences on your Solo app. 

  • Click on settings, booking website, then booking location.
  • If you want to offer mobile bookings, click on the mobile option, then switch the toggle to on for 'clients can book appointments at their address'.
  • You can set an optional travel fee for mobile bookings by typing in your chosen amount.
  • To manage your diary and avoid clashes, either set a default travel time, or switch on dynamic travel time which measures the distance between two postcodes in either London, Manchester or Brighton. 

2.2. Set your availability settings

As a beauty freelancer, you should have the choice to work at the times you prefer. With Solo, you can set your availability so clients can only book in when you’d like to work. 

  • Click settings, booking website, then availability settings.
  • Choose either ‘when I have set availability’ – where you update your live availability down to 30 minute slots – or ‘on any day at any time’, where clients request a time and you can confirm or decline the request. 

For additional information on how to build your website through Solo, check out our Solo Website Support page.

If you’re a skilled beauty therapist who wants to take their business to the next level, try Solo’s all-in-one solution with a 30 day free trial and 1:1 support. After the free trial, Solo costs just £10 per month.

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