How to get more clients as a mobile beauty therapist

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Monday, November 28, 2022

For many people, being their own boss is living the dream. It means you can decide what hours to work, and choose your own clients. Working for yourself rather than someone else can also result in earning more money – what’s not to love?

Well, there can be a downside. While being self-employed can be more lucrative, flexible and satisfying than working as an employee for a company, you will need to drum up business if you want to keep that cash flowing in. Which – unless you’re a seasoned marketing professional – can be a challenge. 

It’s not something to worry about, however. Help is at hand. If you’re trying to work out how to get more clients as a beauty therapist or hair stylist, here are some top tips to make sure those bookings keep flooding in. 

7 ways to get more clients as a mobile beauty therapist

1. Create a brand identity

If you’re serious about running your own beauty business from home, then you need to look the part. Creating a brand identity can be the ideal first step in this process, as it makes a favourable impression and creates a professional image for you and your business.

Creating a logo for your mobile beauty business helps to make your brand look more professional. The free graphic design platform Canva is a great place to start when trying to design a logo. Play around with colours and styles until you create a logo that works for you. You want something instantly recognisable. You can use this logo across your social media platforms when you show off your incredible work, or on business cards.

2. Use social media for free marketing

Our first hack on how to generate  new clients for hair stylists or beauty therapists centres on something you’re more than likely already familiar with. If you already have a Facebook, Instagram or TikTok account, then you’re halfway there.

Use social media to your advantage and you can benefit from free marketing. Set up a Facebook page for your mobile business, and share this via friends and groups for your local area. Post snippets from customer reviews or testimonials on Instagram, perhaps using branded graphics that are a cinch to create yourself on Canva which offers free templates that are perfectly sized for each platform or purpose. 

Don’t forget to take a few snaps of that gorgeous nail art or hairstyle you’ve just created, and share those too. Why not have a go at making short reels, too, which you can share via various social media platforms? Sharing content about relevant topics can also be a great way of getting followers to engage – and then go ahead and make their first booking. 

3. Advertise online to reach your target audience

Paid advertising doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot of cash. For example, you could post an ad on Facebook or Instagram for a small fee, and this will be tailored to reach your target market. Pay per click advertising on Google also works well for some, and you can set a daily limit to cap what you’re spending if you want to.

4. Get to know the industry inside out

It’s often said that it’s all about who you know – so get networking. Keep a close eye on the trade press by visiting sites or subscribing to the likes of Professional Beauty, Hairdresser’s Journal or The Salon Magazine

Following some influential beauty bloggers can also pay off. Take a moment to interact by liking and commenting on their posts, too, so their readers become aware of your presence and the services you offer. LinkedIn can also be great for making those all-important contacts. 

5. Upskill so you can offer more services

Adding a new string to your bow could make all the difference when you’re trying to secure new business. Why worry about how to get more clients as a hair stylist when you could get more bookings from the same clients for additional services? 

For example, if you can add nail art, massage or brows to your existing repertoire, then why wouldn’t a loyal client book those in with you too? After all, having one therapist and stylist who can do it all could make life easier for them. 

6. Advertise locally to drum up business

Don’t forget that you can advertise your services locally as well as online. Order some smart business cards, flyers, leaflets or posters online and you can share these with friends and family. 

You could also post them in the local newsagents’ window, ask shops in your neighbourhood to keep a stack by the counter or pay a teenager to deliver flyers in the area. If you have time to spare, of course, you could even pop some leaflets through letterboxes yourself. 

7. Use Secret Spa to fill your diary!

When you want to build your hairstyling or beauty business the simple way, why not think about teaming up with Secret Spa?

Secret Spa is an established company offering a whole host of mobile beauty and haircare services. Whether it’s waxing, a massage, brows, a facial, nails, a spray tan, hair, makeup or lashes, their clients book an array of beauty services to be delivered within their own homes.

Independent mobile beauty therapists and hair stylists just like you are the ones who fulfil these appointments. And thanks to Secret Spa’s brand new Solo software system, it’s never been easier to build your business quickly and efficiently. 

Solo is a state-of-the-art booking platform that allows stylists and therapists to manage everything in one place. All your advertising, bookings, travel planning, payments and diary management can be organised via the system, freeing up your time to focus on what you do best: making clients look and feel fabulous. 

The Solo platform can even assist with business intelligence and building strong customer relationships. Everything is managed via one simple, seamless app, so you can streamline everything from accounting and advertising to planning your appointments for every day, week and month. 

Using Secret Spa’s Solo software also makes the process run more smoothly from the client’s perspective, as they too can benefit from complete clarity at every point of the booking process. You can download Solo from the App Store for free!

Why not take a look at how you could work in partnership with Secret Spa today?

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