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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

With so much competition on the market, it can be hard to make your beauty services business stand out from the crowd during the festive season. Clients treat themselves and their loved ones at this time of year, but they’re faced with endless choices.

Find out how to make your freelance beauty business stand out and boost sales in December.

How to boost your online sales in December

We’ve brought together some top tips for how to boost your sales as an independent beauty and wellness freelancer in December with the Solo app:

1. Create exclusive promotions

Think about ‘Black Friday’ – consumers love to shop for bargains and are intrigued by the incredible deals and promotions. The deals don’t have to be quite as extreme, but putting on an exclusive promotion for clients can put you ahead of the competition who are still charging full price. 

These promotions also work well as there is an element of urgency. Clients don’t want to miss out on the chance to get their lashes or make-up done at 15% off, especially when belts are being tightened up and down the country.

Promotions can also be a great way to thank your most loyal clients who have been booking with you throughout the year by offering a festive discount or throwing in a freebie with their treatment.

The Solo app lets you easily create one-off promotions – perfect for accelerating business over the Christmas season.

2. Showcase festive lookbooks

Another great way to boost your December sales is to create a festive lookbook, showcasing your very best seasonal work. Whether it’s a NYE make-up look or party-ready hairstyles, a lookbook shows your clients exactly what you’re capable of.

This can also help the more indecisive client, as they can choose from the styles shown in your festive lookbook. The Solo app lets you easily showcase your work with lookbooks, in a quick and hassle-free way.

3. Consider extending your hours

If you can work an extra day or two or extend your hours on some days, you’ll draw in clients who can’t currently work with your schedule. Be careful not to burn yourself out, but that extra hour or two can make all the difference for December sales.

4. Use an all-in-one calendar

With Solo, you have the ability to share your diary so clients can book straight in. You can control all your treatments & prices, share your live availability on your website and offer clients the choice of at-home and salon bookings. No fuss and no stress.

5. Take advantage of marketing tools

Effective marketing is essential to boost your sales in December. Remember to take pictures and share your best festive looks on social media too. Solo offers automated campaigns, the ability to create one-off promotions and share reviews & content with the social post creator.

6. Utilise an advanced booking system

Gone are the days of scrawling appointments down on paper as you’re on the phone with a client – forgetting about that WhatsApp appointment you booked in at the same time last week. 

Solo helps you to stay on top of everything in the same calendar. You can add your personal commitments, calculate travel times automatically and view everything in one place.

How Solo can help to boost your sales in December

Solo is an all-in-one solution for beauty freelancers that helps to save your precious time and energy, and streamline your business. With professional websites, an advanced booking system, an all-in-one calendar, consultation forms and stress-free payments, Solo can help you to boost your December sales.

If you’re a skilled beauty freelancer who wants to boost your December sales, try Solo’s all-in-one solution with a 30 day free trial and 1:1 support. After the free trial, Solo costs just £10 per month.

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